martes, 20 de noviembre de 2007

INTERNATIONAL MAN 2007 Grand Final !!

*!* INTERNATIONAL MAN : SWEDEN (Taro Alexander Nordmark)
1st Runner Up : INDONESIA (Reinaldo Samosir)
2nd Runner Up : BRAZIL (Lucas Gil)

Top 5 :
CHINA (Jemmy Jin Yin Yan), FERNANDO DE NORONHA (Jonas Castano)

Stylish Award :
CHINA Jemmy Jin Yin Yan

Photogenic Award:
CHINA Jemmy Jin Yin Yan

Spirit Awards :
GREECE Manos PetrouTidbits:-

England showed his martial art skill, while China also has black belt for Karate. It was great!- Singapore could be great comedian. He said he can speak 5 languages, but what he means he speaks English in 5 different accents.- Philippines is the least talk active,and shy among the finalist said the MCs. Meanwhile, he presented good acting skill to the audience.

Contestant List:
Fernando de Noronha Jonas Castano , 1.88m
BrazilLucas Gil. 1.91m
SwedenTaro Alexander
Nordmark. 1.84m
JapanYuki Mizano. 1.80m
ChinaJemmy Jin Yin Yan. 1.89m

Puerto Rico
Samuel Camacho Diaz. 1.78m

Mark Tan. 1.88m
Michael Raymond Tan. 1.88m
GreeceManos Petrou. 1.84m
Douglas Roy Elson 1.81m
Nathanael Samosir 1.90m